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Advantages of working with CosmoExpo:

  • Effective: CosmoExpo has more than 10 successful years experience in Russia and provides 3 services totally designed for foreign companies willing to enter the Russian market.

    • Online Beauty trade fair: Available 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. You can choose among the best marketing tools available (targeted mailings, banner placement in the most visited beauty resources, full translation support, context advertising etc.).

    • Success Barometer: Russian specialists analyze your products and your competitors to design an effective strategy.

    • Find & Meet Distributors: CosmoExpo select and organize meetings with potential and suitable distributors to make your business travel in Russia much more efficient.

    • You are a part of the website well-known by Russian professionals to look for new products or new business ideas.

  • Simple: CosmoExpo will handle everything for you (analyze of your products, translation into Russian, creation of your pavilion, publicity, marketing actions, schedule meeting with distributors and other customized services).

  • Partnerships: You can take advantage of CosmoExpo?s partnerships with the most reputed professional websites in the Russian beauty industry and reach more than 210 000 Russian professionals each month.

  • Flexible: Choose between the different services and packages available and choose the length of your marketing campaign from one month to one year.

  • No stress: Be guided by Russian experts and advertise your company in Russia without leaving your office you dont need to travel to Russia and even to speak the language. Distributors can visit the online trade fair whenever they want, that allows them to take their time to study your products and make a decision away from the stress of a traditional fair setting.

  • Cost Efficient: You can advertise your company and your products in Russia for up to 1 year for a lower price than 5 days at a traditional beauty trade fair.
You still havent opened your stand in the show? That means your potential customers and distributors will not see your proposals and offers. They will invest in those who have outrun you.

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